Taylor and Rett are back to talk about CritJuice, the best DnD play podcast. Then they briefly touch on games, Abzu, Overwatch, and Company of Heroes, the last of which was recently on sale to celebrate opening the game up to mods.

Taylor shares his blogging vision, establishing Mentor Mondays as a weekly Twitch stream. And then Rett introduces Taylor to Space Engine.

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NDBrothers 16: More Like DOn’TA

Jason and Rett are back, with a new theme song! Inspired by one of their favorite games. If you can guess which one, then enter to win a game on your Steam wishlist valued at $10 or less. To enter, rate and review us on iTunes, then email us your guess at

The winner will be announced on our twitter feed, listed below, so make sure you leave the username used when leaving a review, and your twitter handle when you email us your guess.

Also this week they talk about DOTA…. A lot of jargon in this one, so we apologize.

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NDBrothers Episode 5

While Awesome! Internet Radio was taking a minor hiatus the brothnerds were discussing the latest curiosities to pique their interests, including the summer sales on and steam.

The brothnerds also discover a new and, dare we say, BETTER! repeat BETTER way to watch Star Wars. Did you think it was even possible? Are you interested? Listen on to learn about the mysterious “Machete Order”.

And they close out with a discussion of the game no one seems to know about, “Tokyo Jungle”.

We know you missed us while we were away, so look forward to some fun bonus episodes coming from other Awesome! Internet Radio podcasts.

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NDBrothers Episode 2


In this weeks episode of NDBrothers the two brothnerds talk about Jason’s thoughts on season 1 of Arrow and all the fun things to happen on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, as well as the new rendition of Godzilla and the many video game appearances of Godzilla.

And Rett tells Jason how much he hates stupid battle scenes in movies that really don’t need stupid battle scenes. Doesn’t everyone hate stupid battle scenes?

They’re brothers. They’re nerds. They’re brothnerds.


check back next week while Jason and Rett get caught up during lunch at the office.

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