This week Lee and Rett discuss immersion in The Elder Scrolls. They talk about their favorite aspects of that in all games, and their favorite quirks as well. They discuss the things that break immersion, the things that challenge and engage them, and of course the things that build unbreakable immersion.

Also mentioned is the psychology of immersion, and what simply won’t do for certain denizens of reddit.

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This week Kane and Rett talk about a new podcast on Awesome! Internet Radio fronted by Kane, and is joined by Freddy, who joined us last week on Duel of Taints, and Sean O’Connell, making his airpodcast debut.

The show is called Thaddeus, and will be an examination of Kane, Freddy, and Sean’s life experiences. Look for it on iTunes and Stitcher soon.

Then Kane and Rett talk about the new Force Awaken’s teaser, go on a tangent about Star Wars, then discuss great T.V. shows.

Make sure to check out Gilgamesh Brewing.




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Episode 5 of Duel of Taints features Kane and Rett in a bout of fisticuffs.

Not exactly. But they do have to think on their feet and yell over each other while special guests for a live recording shout questions at them and forget just who’s show this is.

They discuss life’s most important questions-                                                                                 Who is the best sidekick of all time? What is the most over-rated movie of all time? And just how secret are our reptilian overlords?

The special guests may be hard to hear, but we are sure you are sharp enough to follow along anyways.

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We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the show being released a day late, and any inconvenience caused by the inconsistency in sound quality as our techs figure out the best configurations to produce the highest quality of sound.

Welcome dear listener… er… reader?

Welcome dear reader. We know you are the only one who will read this, and for that we love you.

Awesome! Internet Radio is a one in all podcast network where we aim to bring only the best of the worst podcasts straight to ears for your complete aural satisfaction.

Coming soon will be an explosion of new podcasts dedicated to… well whatever we want.

1) Starting with musings of two friends who just want to watch movies and enjoy a cold drink, enjoy the first Awesome! podcast when its released later this week.

2) As for the second Awesome! production enjoy a nice chat between two friends who know too much useless shit and hate when hookers steal your car.

3) If you’ve ever liked Dungeons and Dragons then check out this fun roleplaying podcast where we try new games and systems.

4) And look forward to Duel of Taints, a fun look at the universe of Star Wars through the eyes of two guys who cant agree on anything.

5) It’s creeping and crawling and we must needs kill it with fire! It’s RAMPAGE! your weekly insight into DOTA2 and the world of competitive games.

Tune in to get your fix for all things nerd later this week when we drop the bomb. Not one. Not two. But 5 podcasts coming your way.

So wear your rubber boots and prepare to get wet!

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p.s. dear reader. you will probably only get a few podcasts this week. The others will be ready to drop shortly after that. We just didn’t want to embarrass ourselves up there by yelling it to the world.