Kane has finally seen Interstellar, so he and Rett discuss it at length. And you can’t talk about one Chris Nolan flick without talking about the others.

Heavy spoilers if you have yet to see it. But really… it’s your own damn fault if you haven’t. You’ve had a month! And hey, if you haven’t seen Interstellar, or don’t want to, maybe give this episode a listen. The guys might just change your mind.

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NDBrothers 3

In this weeks episode, the Brothnerds discuss Jim Butcher’s newly released Dresden Files feature – Skin Game.

They discuss The Dresden Files in general. Rett’s mouth waters a little bit while he wets his geek appetites talking about the things past, and the things to come. ¬†Things are truly starting to heat up with this 15th installment in the series. Dresden always finds himself in a tight pinch, but he always finds a way out! And this time is no different! FUEGO!

Also the Brothnerds bash on Final Fantasy 13 a bit (with love) and talk about Final Fantasy in general.

And get a small peak behind the curtains of Awesome! Internet Radio.


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