On this edition of Duel of Taints Kane and Rett discuss the new trailer for Man  of Steel, as well as the out-soon Interstellar. They discuss if Chris Nolan has made a bad movie, and the secret of his success.

Plus the guys revisit their favorite directors and can’t seem to stop talking about movies.

Three for three people! Why do you do this to yourselves?

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NDBrothers Episode 1


We have finally brought you a show other than that one you hate… what’s it called… Duel of Taints or something? Yeah this is not that one.

This is one you hopefully like more than that one. NDBrothers is two brothers, stuffing their mouths with their lunch, while talking the latest nerd news. TV, books, movies, video games, comics, even music cannot escape their scrutiny. They’re full of opinions and usually wrong. But that doesn’t stop Jason or Rett from being passionate about what they love.

This show is made by regular guys who just want to share some regular talk.

They’re brothers. They’re nerds. They’re brothnerds.

(or at least I think that’s where they got it….)


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