Rett is back from Reno, and he listened to a lot of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast. Taylor and Rett share how their passion of history formed and how it informs their drive for more knowledge. Taylor shares more about catlike coding, and art tutorials from @achebit.

Pivoting from talking history, they talk about Chris Avellone and his impact on storytelling in the industry. Rett shares his love of writing. And the Oregon Ducks made it to the final four (spoilers: they didn’t get much further).

This Week’s Resources:
Chris Avellone interview
Achebit’s pixel art tutorials

Here is our Latest Code and updated Game Design Document.

And check out our Art Repository

Goals for next week:
Create developer log when programming
Taylor – 15 minutes of free writing / journaling –
Rett – Create a pixel art character (and animate if possible)

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