Morrowind Role Playing Charts

When Rett and Lee started A Game at Dinner it stemmed from this idea they had to randomize character creation and implement a series of self-imposed rules that would essentially determine how you play your character.

They created a list of so-called ‘traits’, or the self-imposed rules mentioned above, and a random chart to accompany it. Below are the charts and guides on how to create a randomly generated character. We hope you enjoy.

And as always these lists were never meant to be final. If anyone has an idea of a trait to add, or a way to make character generation better, or anything, please let us know.

Character Generation

Ultimately you do not need to randomize your character. If you are anything like us, then you’ve been playing Morrowind for quite some time. Randomization is only to add a new element to gameplay, to add a little bit of an extra challenge, and to push you to do and see things you haven’t already. If you are no interested, skip down to role-play traits section.

Gender may not seem important to randomize, however each gender has a few differing stats for their beginning attributes. And there are several quests that differ depending on your gender. If you’d like to randomly assign a gender to your character flip a coin, or roll a 6 sided die splitting the chances between even and odd numbers.

Using a ten sided die, roll using the chart below to determine your characters race.


Using a percentile roll or 100 sided die, use the chart below to determine your skills. Alternate between major and minor skills until all ten of your skill slots are filled.

skills-1 skills-2

The Birth Sign is hard to randomize effectively since there are 13 options. The way we’ve done it is to allow one sign to be removed from the odds. Choose the one you despise the most, or otherwise do not want at all. Then assign each sign a value of 1-12 going straight down the list, skipping the one you removed. Roll a 12 sided die and viola, that’s your sign.


Role Playing Traits

The Traits are the most complicated aspect of character creation on here. Like we said above, traits are a set of self-imposed rules that help guide and define how you play. We created these to add a new dimension to a game that we’ve played to death. They are only fun if you realize that by using them you are challenging no one but yourself.

When we began creating this table we had no idea how far we’d take it. It started off as a way to add more difficulty, and to gloat to each other about the silly feats we’d accomplished. Now we have a ton of options, and people keep coming up with more and more great ones.

Some traits require stat-check dice rolls. Any time you meet the requirement that a trait asks for, you must roll a percentile against a determined attribute. Willpower will come up most often. If a trait asks you to make a willpower check you’d roll a percentile. If the outcome falls within your attribute level, you pass. IE You are a Kleptomaniac. You enter a store and need to do a willpower check. You have a willpower stat of 40. You roll a percentile. You roll a 76. You failed your check and must now act within the definition of your trait. In this example if you had rolled anything within 1-40 you would have passed.