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Duel of Taints
Join Kane and Rett as they travel a galaxy far, far away and argue about things that no one has argued about before…. Well actually people have. But they do it on a podcast.

They’re brothers. They’re nerds. They’re brothnerds! Jason and Rett get caught up over lunch in the office while sharing all their weeks adventures exploring the wonderful trappings of geekdom. You will be dazzled and perplexed by their long tangents on Final Fantasy, The Wheel of Time, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and whatever else these brothers nerd fancy.

Jon and Rett watch movies and rarely ever talk about them! If you were ever wondering what it’s like to hear two dudes watch movies, drink booze, and talk about things completely (usually) unrelated to the movies, then this is your chance to score! This isn’t your podcast to get reviews of Hollywood blockbusters. This is the show you listen to and ask yourself why on Earth they chose to watch that.

A Game at Dinner
A Game at Dinner is a podcast headed by Lee Parra, once a guest on Duel of Taints, that aims to teach people the magic of Morrowind, the most compelling title in the Elder Scrolls series. Look for our posts on reddit and join the community and conversation.

Game Dev’s Quest
Taylor and Rett embark on a quest to acquire the tools and skills to develop their very own video games. Tune in to listen to their struggles, and learn that if they can do it, you can too.

Thaddeus is the new show fronted by Kane Miller and his old buddies, including Freddy, and Sean! They talk about growing up together, and all the shit they got into! A very sporadic podcast recorded via marathon sessions. Expect this podcast weekly when there’s been a recording, and don’t even think about it if there hasn’t.



We will be adding to the list of podcasts as they are published shortly.