NDBrothers Episode 1


We have finally brought you a show other than that one you hate… what’s it called… Duel of Taints or something? Yeah this is not that one.

This is one you hopefully like more than that one. NDBrothers is two brothers, stuffing their mouths with their lunch, while talking the latest nerd news. TV, books, movies, video games, comics, even music cannot escape their scrutiny. They’re full of opinions and usually wrong. But that doesn’t stop Jason or Rett from being passionate about what they love.

This show is made by regular guys who just want to share some regular talk.

They’re brothers. They’re nerds. They’re brothnerds.

(or at least I think that’s where they got it….)


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In this weeks episode Kane and Rett step into the world of DC Comics and Batman. Who is Batman’s greatest villian (as seen in the Nolan films…)? It’s quite a debate, and all over the board while your hosts tickle your ear drums with useless, unchecked (probably wrong) facts  that you never knew you needed to know!

It’s episode 3 of Duel of Taints!


The second episode of Duel of Taints, in which Kane and Rett take a trip to Westeros and talk about the purple wedding, the prince who was promised, and the dragon with three heads.

This episode was originally recorded as a bonus to the first. But with an hour of content we thought it could stand on its own. There isn’t much of a duel this time around. But we talk in depth about the Game of Thrones, and whatever else floats our fancy.

I’m usually not much of a stickler for spoilers, but there have been a few of you who have emailed in and requested to have a list of spoilers at the very least. And since you all did it so nicely, here is cheat sheet. Albeit not as tight as I could be.
For the most part there is a lot of speculation in this episode                                                       1) up until about 11:00 is spoiler free if you have watched all available GoT episodes.

2)11:15-11:30 contains knowledge that might upset some people. Personally I don’t consider it a spoiler. But I suppose some of you do. However after 11:30 We go into detail of Sansa’s exodus from Kings Landing as described in the book. Again if you are caught up, it’s not a problem. S04 E05 should be sufficient.

3) 13:30 – 13:45 contains the same bit of above spoiler info. Again, I don’t consider it spoiler. But I’m playing nice.

4) After 13:45 it goes back to being spoiler free as long as you are caught up. We discuss the trial at length.

5) 15:50 – 17:15 (if you want to be safe) Spoilers, I guess… we discuss scenes that will happen by the end of season 4.

6) 18:15-19:45 we discuss the competitors of Tyrion’s upcoming trial by combat and the motivations of said competitors. I don’t consider this spoilers either. But I suppose if you like surprises…

From here we go into some serious speculation on the prophecies presented in the stories and talk at some length of events that back these speculations.

7) 29:25 SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. This is spoilers. It’s in the interest of speculation. But we discuss the last page, of the latest book. Fast forward to 30:45 to avoid spoiling the shit out of yourself.

Well done.
You have now safely avoided all Game of Thrones related spoilers.


Now enjoy the rest of the episode as we explore just how far one tangent can go.

Bonus points to whoever can tell us with certainty the average life expectancy of a Gungan.



And that’s all we have for now!

Tune in next week where we’ll discuss Batman in the Nolanverse.

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The first episode of Duel of Taints in which Kane and Rett discuss their opinions on the most powerful jedi, possible intimate encounters of Boba Fett and Jar Jar Binks, and the weight of the titles “general” and “admiral”.

And it’s right in your ear holes where you like it.

This being the first episode, we apologize in advance for all the technical difficulties we will experience.

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Welcome dear listener… er… reader?

Welcome dear reader. We know you are the only one who will read this, and for that we love you.

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