NDBrothers Episode 6

This week’s edition of the NDBrothers finds our brothnerds with special guest, Tim Crosson (aka Whiteboy Slim), discussing the finer details of Arrow vs Smallville, and the many fine board games that have been eating their time.

Tim is heavily involved with cheerfulghost.com and is a regular host of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable discussion. You can see what he’s up to at cheerfulghost.com/whiteboyslim or hit him up on twitter @whiteboyslim

By time it’s all over the hosts could easily be mistaken for crotchety old men. Check it out! and get at ’em



We apologize for the low audio quality of this podcast. The crew was ill prepared for a podcast on such short notice and with such conditions that made recording very difficult, this was the best we could do.

We here at Awesome! Internet Radio continue to do our best for all you great listeners who tune in every week.



Author: rettisawesome

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