NDBrothers Episode 19: Mega-NaNo WriMo

The Brothnerds are still in catch up mode! I will continue posting many episodes as I can get them edited. Once we get caught up, we will start recording some new ones, so listen and stay tuned. Give us some feedback or questions and when we start up again we can air your comments and respond!

This episode we discuss ….. some more DOTA 2 (sorry-skip the 1st 16 minutes if you’re over it haha. This might be one of the last dota eps.  Although this discussion is pretty good if you like Dota2), but the bulk of this episode goes to National Novel Writing Month (or NaNo WriMo). We discuss many tips about writing a novel and our experiences. Then we wrap up with some TV/Movie talk: Arrow, Walking Dead, Star Wars (minor note).

New theme song still going, please give some feedback and thanks for listening!

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