Chris DeLeon of Gamkedo, Alanna Linayre (VO actress on Bendy and the Ink Machine), and Tim Ruswick of Game Dev Underground unite with Taylor and Rett to talk about motivation, goals, and quitting.

Chris DeLeon runs Gamkedo, a worldwide online game development club aimed to help beginners learn the skills to make their own games.
You can follow his work at, twitter @ChrisDeLeon, and over on YouTube.

Alanna Linayre was an actress in NYC for ten years. Her voice can be heard in theMeatly’s Bendy and the Ink Machine. She can be found on twitter @Tybawai where she discusses motivation and self care.

Tim Ruswick runs Game Dev Underground which aims to inspire indie game developers everywhere with nearly one YouTube video a day covering tutorials and analysis of the ins and outs of game development. You can find his work primarily on YouTube at the Game Dev Underground channel. And over on twitter @TimRuswick .

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Author: rettisawesome

Rett is a writer, podcaster, and musician from the PNW. He's the founder of Awesome! Internet Radio and producer of all the podcasts.