Rett saw Wonder Woman, so naturally Taylor and him talk about Hand Maid’s Tale…. and movies. The DC film universe is discussed. Which leads to story and narrative driven art. They share their favorite Pixar shorts. And their favorite story driven video games.

Another shout out to Rockzom for chilling (this episode was recorded way before he was on our show!) and to PixelPileDriver for giving some great pixel art tips on our live stream.

Major shout out to Coffee with Butterscotch a fantastic, hilarious, all around great game dev podcast on youtube AND itunes. go check it out!

This week on Friday, August 4th, we are going to be doing a one day game jam and invite and challenge everyone to participate and create their own games! It’s called the One Mechanic Game Jam. Read all about it on the link below. But the idea is to create a game using one playing mechanic. When you are done post it on and tweet us using the hashtag #OMGJam.

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