Taylor and Rett played a lot of Risk of Rain this week, made by a small crew based out of the PNW! They share stories of cat ownership and then jump into to progress they made on their console game! They fleshed out the entire intro, the user interface, the battle screen, and all the bugs they’ve encountered along the way.

Rett explores the different methods of procedural generation. He watched the Game Developers Conference where game devs manipulated the rules of the Game of Life to generate organic maps and levels for games.

This Week’s Resources:
Magica Voxel
Risk of Rain
Achebit Pixel Art
Game of Life
GDC on Level Design
Drawing Guides

Here is our Latest Code and our updated Game Design Document.

Check out our Art Repository.


Goals for next week:
Taylor – Everyday enjoy some video games.
Rett – Do something active every day. Look up other kinds of procedural generation

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