GAME DEV’S QUEST e08: AUTODIDACTICISM (and more dirty words)

Spring break was fast upon us when this episode was recorded. Rett is gearing up for vacation and been working on his writing, standup comedy, and his bigfoot musical. And Taylor is hammering away at pixel art, sketching, and coding.

They discuss Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Stephen King’s Dark Tower, building communities, staying productive, and the value of self education, or autodidacticism if you wondered why the hell someone would call an episode that, over a traditional education.

Not too much code talk in this episode, but we hope you enjoy none the less. But we invite you to check out our art too see that ANYONE can do it!

The boys challenge themselves to engage more on twitter, and spend more time coding or sketching.

This week’s resources:
Dungeons of Dredmor
Game Dev Unchained podcast
Art Board
Game Dev Subreddit

Coding Resources:

Here is our game’s Latest Code and updated Game Design Document.

And check out our Art Repository for inspiration on where to start pixel art.

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Rett is a writer, podcaster, and musician from the PNW. He's the founder of Awesome! Internet Radio and producer of all the podcasts.