Episode 5 of Duel of Taints features Kane and Rett in a bout of fisticuffs.

Not exactly. But they do have to think on their feet and yell over each other while special guests for a live recording shout questions at them and forget just who’s show this is.

They discuss life’s most important questions-                                                                                 Who is the best sidekick of all time? What is the most over-rated movie of all time? And just how secret are our reptilian overlords?

The special guests may be hard to hear, but we are sure you are sharp enough to follow along anyways.

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We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the show being released a day late, and any inconvenience caused by the inconsistency in sound quality as our techs figure out the best configurations to produce the highest quality of sound.

Author: rettisawesome

Rett is a writer, podcaster, and musician from the PNW. He's the founder of Awesome! Internet Radio and producer of all the podcasts.