This episode of Cineman was recorded nigh on a year ago. It was probably the second or third recording these guys did. Jon had just moved into his new house, where they were recording, and Rett had forgot to bring the movies. And, well…. Jon didn’t have much unpacked. So they grabbed the box set of Planet Earth, a show they both love, and sat down to reflect on life, drink beer, and bitch that David Attenborough wasn’t the narrator .

They watched two episodes: the oceans, and the mountains. And they also took a peek at Snoop Dogg’s Plizzanet Earth.  So this week you get the oceans. Next week you’ll get the mountains, and Plizzanet Earth.

We hope you enjoy.
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Author: rettisawesome

Rett is a writer, podcaster, and musician from the PNW. He's the founder of Awesome! Internet Radio and producer of all the podcasts.