A Game at Dinner is a podcast headed by Lee Parra, once a guest on Duel of Taints, that aims to teach people the magic of Morrowind, the most compelling title in the Elder Scrolls series. During the course of this show, Lee will give people that ask “How do I get into this game” (a common question on the Morrowind subreddits) that extra nudge to help you figure out Morrowind, and learn to love it the way that the die hard fans do.

And for the veterans of Morrowind, Lee offers his own ways to come back to the game and make it feel fresh and new.

Lee and Rett will be posting a lot in the Morrowind subreddit,as the intention of the Podcast is to help foster a community around this game that seems to find new life every few years.

We will make links and information about the things we talk about readily available as soon as we can. We hope that you enjoy this episode of A Game at Dinner. This is the pilot episode, but there is plenty more to come.

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Author: rettisawesome

Rett is a writer, podcaster, and musician from the PNW. He's the founder of Awesome! Internet Radio and producer of all the podcasts.